Site Amendment and Fix Update: 3/31/16:

1. External script issue: Hubspot Code added incorrectly impeded site function. We fixed this for you, but for future, check that anyone adding script or code is using correct syntax and placement. See this screenshot

2. Layout/Structure change issue:  The "Contact" page in the Index (which was previously holding a video block for lightbox) was disabled or removed. We have replaced this structure for you to fix this (using the "About" page section of the Index instead). Note though, that should you disable or remove the "About" page from the index, you will need to recreate this same structure for your video to run. See this screenshot.  

3. Video Lightbox format issue: Someone replaced the video ID string we had in place originally with a URL. For the video lightbox prompt  (in the "watch the video"  link of the home page banner) it's best to just use the video ID itself in between the single quotations - e.g. javascript:jqueryLightbox('e2Ijl4sa3fs');  See this screenshot

4. Missing Banner Image: The banner image on your homepage index as originally set appears to have been deleted by someone. We added a new image here for you, but you can always replace a banner image with any image of your choice or upload a new image at any time. In Squarespace, the thumbnail added in page settings to the FIRST page dragged into an Index will automatically populate as the banner image for the index itself. In this case, the first page dragged into your "Home" page index is titled "Overview" -- so it is this "Overview" page where you will add the new image thumbnail (within the "Overview" page settings in the Media tab). See this screenshot

5. Image block settings: When adding new images to an image block on your Home page for the "Team" section, select the "stretch" option so images across the page retain the same size and width. Screenshot


* You can disable this page after viewing it to retain the information for future reference but prevent it from being publicly accessible.