Flexible solution integrates with existing platforms

Plotto is the flexible solution that enables you to deliver video research your way.

The Plotto widget makes it straightforward to embed video survey responses into your existing survey software or online community.


But if greater integration is required, then the Plotto APIs are available to seamlessly incorporate our video capture, analysis and/or share functionalities directly into your existing platform, application or mobile app:

Capture – embed the state-of-the-art video capture functionality into your existing survey tool, online community, customer experience platform or testimonial software, with total control over the user experience and outcomes.

Analysis – manage the video content alongside your other data sources using the suite of manageable data assets Plotto extracts from footage, and access this rich insight alongside your other data sources.

Share – create and download showreels based on your analysis of all data sources.

We offer a full integration service if required and, in addition, different cloud deployments are available on bespoke solutions.