In part two of our mini-series, we look at more tips to get people taking part in your market research. You can see part one, where we discuss how you can identify, find and approach your participants to get them interested, here.

Filling out surveys isn't most people's idea of fun, so anything you can do to entice them will help your cause. Here are tips 7-12, which deal with what happens once you've identified your audience:

7) Don't be afraid to send reminders

Once you've got a list of potential participants for your survey, whether by email or social media, it's fine to send them a reminder once in a while, as long as you give them the opportunity to opt out if they wish. When approaching your audience, make sure that you tell them why you're doing the research and what you're trying to achieve with it – you're more likely to create an emotional engagement with your mission this way than just asking them to fill in a questionnaire.

8) Ask respondents (and non-respondents) to share the survey

If you do not need to tightly control the sample, you could ask respondents to share. Someone who's willing to take part in your online survey probably won't be against asking others to do the same either, so it's well worth adding a form at the end where they can share a link with their friends and colleagues by email, social media or other means. Making your respondents feel special by saying thank you can help encourage them further. You may also find that although many people don't have the time or energy to fill in the survey, they still like what you're doing and want to help you, so be sure to give your audience the means to do this when approaching them.

9) If you can afford it, offer an incentive for sharing

Remember that as well as offering an incentive to take part in the first place (see part one), you can also give your respondents a reward for spreading the word and getting others to take part. What this reward is will depend on what you think they'll be interested in and what you have to offer.

10) Invite participants to sign up and find out about future research

Certain personality types feel less resistance to market research surveys, and some of your brand advocates will want to help out in any way they can, so individuals who have already shown willing to take part in a survey are the best people to approach for your next one. Obviously, it's a good idea to collect some contact details from them once they're done. If you don't think they'll want to give out their email address, you could try something as unobtrusive as asking them to like a Facebook page that you've set up for this purpose. Once your research is complete, remember to keep your audience interested by sharing the results with them too (if you want to make them public, that is).

11) Run a test before starting

The last thing you want is to start sending out a survey that doesn't work – not only will this mean that you won't get the results you want, but you might give a bad impression of your company and put people off trying again once the issue is fixed. Getting your staff or friends and family to test the survey by clicking on the links you're planning to send out and checking that the questions make sense is a simple way to ensure this doesn't happen.

12) Make it interesting

People have short attention spans these days, so any kind of incentive or interesting feature will make them more likely to stay engaged until the end and share the survey with others. Don't go overboard with gimmicks, be too silly or detract from the purpose of your survey, but any tools, tricks or unique features that can make it more attractive will be a plus. This could include video surveys, visual materials and interesting questions to keep participants on their toes.

Have you got any more tips to share?
If you've got any comments on the above or tips and tricks that you've used to get more participants for your market research surveys, please comment below!