The original concept for Plotto came to one of our co-founders, Liviu, when his professional research intertwined with a journey of personal discovery.

His research was focused on the concept of BOATS (Based On a True Story) and reflects upon the fact that what we store in our memory, be it episodic or short term, are only simulacra of the actual event that we witnessed or participated in, often bearing little relation to reality. 

This simulacrum is acting as our ‘truth’ but there are other versions held by other people. These other simulacra are not the truth either, but gathering all these perspectives and exploring them one by one can reveal more of the ‘true’ story.

This resonated with Liviu on a personal level as he was struggling with using existing technology and tools to reach out to people from his own past to understand the versions of memories they had for shared experiences.

From these two streams, Plotto was born. A video research and storytelling platform that enables private memories to be recorded, allowing the user to see and hear more about their personal story; something that uses smart data analysis to help establish a ‘handshake’ comparing and contrasting the memories and views.

It wasn’t long before the team realised that the opportunities for such a unique platform were much greater than personal discovery. The leap to using it to gather video memories, views, opinions and stories from a wider audience led very naturally to market research, where experts are actively seeking new opportunities to engage participants in this personal and authentic way.

The strengths of Plotto - privacy and control, authentic video questions and responses, flexibility, ease of discovering trends and anomalies - have resonated with the research experts who have been involved so far, and we can’t wait to be able to share Plotto wider.