At Plotto we love creating tools that help our clients get the most out of video. And it warms our heart when we hear enthusiastic reports of how those tools have successfully brought ideas to life.

One such success story happened just last week.  

Good Innovation is an innovation consultancy specialising in social purpose work, helping organisations to solve problems that matter to society. This March, Good Innovation organised a pro bono project with the charity CALM – The Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM is leading the movement against male suicide, the number one cause of death amongst men under 45 in the UK.

The aim of the week was to come up with a strong proposition for encouraging membership of the movement. Good Innovation’s staff, along with CALM executives, were divided into three teams, each of which was tasked with designing a prototype and then testing the idea amongst potential joiners.

Janine Chandler from Good Innovation said ‘our team created a prototype and we wanted to test whether this would lead existing CALM supporters to want to sign up to this new membership - but critically we wanted to understand why and to bring people's stories to life when presenting back to the CALM Executive team’. 

Janine’s team used Plotto’s free trial product, available on Plotto’s website, to do just this. They made a video of CALM's Communication Manager explaining the background to the project and why they wanted to hear people’s views, and emailed that, along with the membership prototype, to 90 existing CALM supporters. That was at 5pm on Thursday; by 9am on Friday, an incredible 32 people had responded, half of whom had posted a video back. Given the short notice, Janine says she and the team had waited anxiously to see whether they would get any answers at all, so they were ‘overwhelmed by the response’, as text messages between the team members that morning show:


Once they had the videos, Janine’s team quickly used Plotto’s editing tool to create a 90 second film. They incorporated this into their presentation to the Executive team.

Seeing people talk about such an emotional subject made for compelling viewing. ‘The stories that they told were incredibly powerful’, said Janine. ‘Most had personal experience of suicide - being suicidal in the past, experiencing mental health or losing a loved one. They all wanted to do more for CALM and our proposition for a membership tool that helps you, your mates and your community was exactly want they wanted’. 

‘It was such a powerful and emotional ending to the presentation’, said Janine. ‘The icing on the cake is that our team won the pitch’. 

Good Innovation has come away from the experience impressed with how positively both the research audience and the exec team responded to video. For the research respondents, video was a way to communicate their opinions quickly and easily – a necessity in this instance, as time was short. For the exec team, video worked brilliantly in two ways: firstly, it enabled them to give a clear explanation of the idea on which they wanted feedback; secondly, viewing filmed feedback to the prototype was an authentic and engaging way to get to their audience’s raw reaction.


Glued to the screen: The team watches the Plotto film

Good Innovation has not only helped a fantastic charity, but it has also gained a new technique to use for other clients.

 Whether your interests are for- or non-profit, you can read more here about how much respondents love video, and here about how persuasive video can be in conveying concepts and research findings. We wish you as much success with your video surveys as Good Innovation has had!