It’s an exciting time for online video and the Plotto team have come across many great tools in their travels.

Here are our top 5 of the moment:

Be My Eyes cleverly uses video on smartphone to enable people with sight to help blind people with everyday tasks, whenever they need it, wherever they are in the world. It’s an inspirational idea that makes your head pound with possibilities.

We love the name and think the ability to add content overlays to your videos could be really powerful.

The ultimate evidence that we are entering an age of video, you can now include a video in your Facebook profile

It’s a shame the how-to video on the homepage is so uncool, because we saw someone using the doodle video sketch animation feature in a presentation the other day and it looked great.

Feels like a peek into the future. Crowd Emotions are working on software that aims to measure your biometric signals in order to link your emotions to your behaviour. Time to practise your poker face...