The latest version of Plotto has just gone live and includes some radical changes that will make it so much easier to create and deliver your video surveys then analyse and share the results. And we can also tell you about the new non-verbal analysis tools coming very soon...

1) Easily create video and text survey in one place

Whether you want to include a video question in a third-party survey or manage your full survey on Plotto, our new survey wizard will make it easy. First of all, we've made it even simpler for you to set-up a new survey and record or upload your video question. 

2) Easy drag-and-drop

The new drag-and-drop functionality means that you can create your first survey in minutes. Our extended list of questions types and editing functionality gives you total control over what you ask and how you ask it. You will have lots of flexibility in creating and structuring your survey and delivering the best customer journey for your participants. 

3) Better control and customisation

From what you say to the order, from logo to legals, you are in charge. You can easily create, test and optimise studies in real-time. Additional tools for sharing surveys have also been added including extended widget functionality to give you more choice on configuration. 

4) Deeper insight with sentiment and keyword analysis

The new analysis interface and tools make it even easier to get to the truth.

  • The sentiment analysis tools gives a quick reading on the positivity of responses, and gets you straight to positive or negative responses.
  • The keyword tool gives you an overview of the key themes coming out from the verbal responses and signposts you to new stories and insights.
  • The smart-search and graphical interface simplifies the querying of data, allowing you to build up filters dynamically.
  • And we make it easy to manage the content with tagging, rating and video downloads

5) Data passback

It is now easy to passback additional data into the Plotto system to make the analysis and matchback of video responses seamless.

6) A host of choices

The hosting options have now been extended and are included as standard - YouTube for users who want to know their videos are automatically stored within their private channel or a dedicated hosting solution where reassurance on security is a priority.

7) Pricing

We have introduced new pricing tiers making Plotto video research affordable no matter the size of your project. Contact us to discuss the options.

8) Coming soon!

We’ll very soon have facial emotion analysis available to help you understand the non-verbal communication as well as the verbal - If you want a sneak preview then feel free to get in touch.

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