We had a look at podcasts a couple of years ago on this blog and, with time at a premium for all of us these days, we thought it would be worth having another look at what’s out there to keep you informed and entertained on your commute, in your lunch hour or while you’re doing the housework.

In addition to the recommendations we made in 2017, we suggest you have a listen to the following:


A podcast covering a broad range of MR topics, from methodology to trends and innovation. Recent episodes to get you thinking are one about bridging the gap between technology and market research, how to maximise the impact of qualitative research and essential tips for CEOs in 2019. (We like the advice in this last one that says viewing your product or service through the eyes of your customer will help you understand their real pain points and see how your solution helps them. We know from experience how video surveys bring customers’ experience of products and services to life!)


 The podcast from the Insights Association, based in North America, is a great way to keep in touch with MR news and hot topics both in the US and globally. Each podcast features an interview with someone who is expert in their field.

Listen to Kristin Luck talk about storytelling and how video research is enhancing in-the-moment feedback and Ryan Hawk on how the best leaders operate.


Research Rockstar’s ‘Conversations with Research Rockstars’ is an incredibly varied and prolific podcast where you can’t fail to find a good handful of episodes that will appeal to anyone in MR or Marketing. Each episode is a concise exploration of a specific subject, including how mobile ethnography is bringing a new dimension to research projects and how the emergence of Big Data has fuelled a demand for deep-dive qualitative research (episodes 20 and 10 on this list).


Marketing, brand, social and digital developments in both the food and drink industry and beyond. A couple of episodes we think will be of interest to market researchers are Using Video to Bring Your Content to Life and Putting Customers at the Heart of Everything You Do.


 This podcast focuses on storytelling and how getting it right is vital to an audience’s reception and understanding of a message. One episode, How Defense Attorneys Use Cinematic Storytelling to Reduce Sentences demonstrates how powerful the combination of images and stories can be. 


This Canada-based Market Research company produces a podcast every couple of months. Each one looks at a topic that will interest market researchers and marketeers alike, such as How Market Research Informs Online Marketing Strategies and Market Research and Ad Testing.


 If you’re looking for inspiration on how you do your work rather than the work you do, this is a fascinating treasure trove of discussions about how our workplace affects us and how we can influence it. The approach is scientific, featuring interviews with neuroscientists, psychologists and workplace experts. Podcast highlights range from The Case for Optimism to Why Open Plan is a Mistake.

Happy Listening!

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