Plotto is the one stop shop for creating, collecting, analysing and editing video survey responses.

With Plotto, your respondents can tell their story in their own words via a self-recorded testimonial video; face-to-face, close-up, authentic and truthful.

You get the whole story with all the subtleties; communicated in their own words in their own way. You understand their smiles, their hesitations, their unhappiness. You can uncover the truth.

And colleagues and clients needn't take your word for it - they’ll be able to see it for themselves in the videos.

Using videos in our surveys means that we get to hear directly from our readers. It allows us to gather additional insights from their tone of voice and body language that are usually lost in responses to open ended, written survey questions. Having video output also makes our research debriefs richer and more impactful
Alys Cooke, Bauer Media
“Plotto has made it much more straightforward to gather and analyse video responses from our panel participants and has opened up new opportunities for ad testing”
Nathan Pereira, Norstat


Gather greater insights and tell a better story

  • Easy for participants – No need to download anything as Plotto is totally browser-based and works across mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Advanced analytics – Enhance understanding of what is said with how it is said. Tools include transcription, keyword trend analysis, sentiment analysis, facial emotion analysis and graphical data filter tools
  • Shareable & ownable Easily create showreels to share the stories and all content is yours to own
  • Video brings stories to life – Because of new technologies and consumer behaviours it has become the insight and storytelling tool everyone expects