The new video platform that helps gather, discover, analyse and share stories.

Plotto’s video based Q&A functionality works as well for a private question as a survey of hundreds, and is the most flexible solution for generating and managing video responses – whether you want instant access through the web application or a seamless integration with your existing tools.

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Plotto is easy, quick and scalable

  • Easy for participants – No need to download anything as Plotto is totally browser based and works across devices
  • Simple Q&A pullcast format – you can simultaneously have a video conversation with one person or an unlimited number of people
  • Rich data – unique combination of rich video content with survey results and transcription provides advanced catalogue, search and discovery opportunities
  • Shareable & ownable – You can choose whether to share the content or not; and if you do Plotto has the tools to create showreels of the stories that matter
  • Video brings stories to life – because of new technologies and consumer behaviours it has become the storytelling tool everyone expects