Plotto is the most comprehensive and flexible video research tool

Plotto is the only tool on the market that combines simple video capture, online survey software, cognitive analysis and showreel generation in a self-service, intuitive open-platform.

Whether your research participants are completing an online survey or recording themselves doing a household task, the video capture will be seamlessly delivered and enhance the experience by adding interaction and making it easy to respond naturally on any device.

And it is easy for you too:

  • Simple drag-and-drop interface makes video survey creation a doddle
  • Interactive analytics tools get you straight to the core insights however big the sample
  • Simple showreel creation means you can bring your graphs and bullet points to life with video testimonials
  • You can export all data and video content

And as the most flexible tool, Plotto is equally good for a standalone online survey as it is to replace free text in third-party survey software.


Plotto enhances many types of research

  • Product feedback and sampling
  • Video 'free text' in online research surveys
  • Ethnographic research and video diaries
  • Creative testing pre & post campaign
  • Vox pops
  • Video testimonials
  • Surveys and content for pitches or PR
  • Insight generation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee engagement & client feedback
  • Focus group homework or pre-screening

Your bespoke video survey toolkit

  • Online survey software with video capture, analysis and showreel creation all in one place
  • Incorporates the latest video analysis tools: transcription, keyword trend analysis, sentiment analysis and facial emotion analysis
  • Self-service platform enabling you to launch surveys in minutes
  • Create standalone surveys or embed video questions and testimonial video capture in your existing online survey
  • Easily create and edit showreels with no specialist skills or tools



Video and survey creation all in one place


Set-up your video survey using the simple drag-and-drop survey wizard, choosing from all major question types. Invite people to participate through our video mail tool, web link generator or by embedding the widget in your own pages.


Easily write and configure new surveys in minutes.

Self-service platform gives you total control.

Flexibility to manage full survey with Plotto or integrate video insight capture elsewhere.


It is easy for respondents to take part through their browser or mobile


They simply record a video response and answer the survey - all within the browser.

The functionality also works for mobile research, making it easy to capture either ‘selfie’ videos or switching the camera around to take in the participant’s surroundings.


The process is easy - no arduous registration, no special tech and nothing to download.

As people increasingly access the internet on smartphones and tablets, video communication becomes a more natural activity than typing long answers on a tiny touchscreen.


Video content is easily searched, filtered, categorised and customised


Search and filter videos on both what was said in the video and responses to the survey. Tools include keyword analysis, sentiment analysis, free text search and advanced data filters.

Also understand ‘how’ it was said with facial emotion analysis.


Video insight through a rich mix of comparable survey data and campaign data with quality video content.

You can quickly and easily get to the stories you want to hear - however many responses.

AI tools give greater depth and insight than the words would alone allowing you to uncover the hidden truths.


Let survey respondents speak for themselves in the boardroom


Simple editing tools to create shareable showreels and testimonial video to bring the story to life.

Open platform so all data and content is yours to download.


Quickly share video insight and showreels with colleagues and clients or publish testimonial videos online.

Explore data within Plotto or download to your existing tools.